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Essay vs Facebook – The never ending war

I just received an email from friend, who at this moment, is struggling to tear himself away from the amazing (and time consuming) hobby of Facebooking – if that is not a word yet, then I am sure it soon will be!

So how does one beat Facebook?

Here are three suggestions:
1. Go back to the Stone Age: take a pen and a piece of refill. Sit down with all your research and write the way your parents had to.

2. Kill your internet: without internet, Facebook (and any other online distractions…) will have no power over you. Print off all of your research, sit at your laptop, and type. No Facebook until you’re done!

3. Use positive reinforcement (good ol’ PSYCH 203): write one paragraph, then reward yourself with 5 minutes of Facebook. Then write another followed by the Facebook reward, and so on, until you’re done. Any other suitable reward works just as well. Personally I choose this option, and eat lots of chocolate!

So what do you do to prevent essay procrastination?

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Starting is the hardest part

This is our first blog. We have been meaning to write one for ages, but like that essay you aren’t really sure how to start, we haven’t got around to it… until now.

How do you start writing an essay when you can list 101 things you would rather do (like staring out the window to check the tree that has been there for the last 50 years is in fact still there)?

  1. Take the essay question you have been thoughtfully given and write it in the middle of your page
  2. Around it in a nice pretty mind map write out the 101 (give or take 80 or so) things you do know about the topic

Congratulations, you’ve now started your essay and we have started this blog…

We look forward to your thoughts and comments on this necessary evil and feel free to send us topics you would like to see us discuss.

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